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Why choose a modular sofa for your living room

You are thinking about designing a room in a home, but you don’t know which sofa to choose? Have you decided what type of sofa you are most interested in for the room you are designing? Have you thought about choosing a modular sofa? If so, then you are in the right place. This type of sofa is characterised by being a very functional product for any home.

On certain occasions, our priority is to improve the comfort of our living room in order to make it easier to move from one place to another. However, this can be a disadvantage if the sofa takes up a lot of space in our living room. But how can we solve this, without losing sight of an attractive and elegant design? Well, the modular sofa is the perfect piece for these situations.

At Latorre we have a wide range of luxurious sectional sofas, which have many advantages and benefits thanks to their features. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading!


What is a modular sofa

A modular sofa or modular couch is a type of cozy sofa that is designed and manufactured with several adjacent modules that can form different compositions depending on their different sizes and shapes.

The sofa is the quintessential piece of furniture that is present in any room of any home. We can say that modern modular seating sofas are a perfect composition for small rooms, as they add seating for different guests and are also stylish.

The modules that make up these pieces are usually of various shapes or sizes, creating a personalised and versatile piece. Thanks to the modular sofa, we can design our living room according to our tastes and needs. Some of the characteristics of modular sofas are:
  1. Mobility. As its name suggests, the modular sofa consists of several pieces that can be separated and placed in a flexible way, adapting to any space. Each guest can change the distribution of the space as and how many times as they wish, thus innovating and creating new compositions with each piece.
  2. Personalization of space. Each modular seating sofa can provide a different atmosphere to each room. In addition, there is also the possibility of incorporating fabrics, blankets, rugs or cushions that add a different touch to each composition that we design with our modular sofa.
  3. Creating new spaces. Another feature of modular designer sofas is that they allow you to create completely different spaces depending on each guest. For example, we can divide the living room into areas to take a nap, watch TV with the family or even as a reading area.

5 advantages of a modular sofa

Modern modular sofas are perfect pieces to place in small spaces, thus creating a very functional atmosphere. Having a quality high end couch, exclusive and at the same time adaptable to every moment of our daily life in the living room, is a great advantage.

Are you thinking of adding a modular couch to a room? If so, the following advantages will help you make your decision:

Distribution and outreach

The modular design sofas allow us to expand the space of our living room at any time, the only thing we have to do is to add or remove modules to carry out the perfect composition.

In addition, depending on the circumstances, it may happen that we need more space in the living room, either for a meeting with friends or because we want to change the atmosphere, for example. Therefore, the great advantage of the modular couch is its functionality and distribution, as it allows us to divide the spaces and the furniture in a simple way, always taking advantage of the space we have.

Style and character

Modular sofas have always been linked to a contemporary and more modern style. However, at Latorre we are committed to designing and manufacturing different compositions of modules, which can be added and adapted to any style of luxury living room decoration.


The feeling of calm, relaxation and comfort when we sit on our sofa after a day of intense work is inexplicable. Resting, reading or sleeping are some of the many activities that modular couches allow us to do. Moreover, the modules of this furniture are conceived and designed for a pleasant and comfortable rest.

Incorporating accessories

In addition to the modules of this type of sofa, there is also the possibility of incorporating accessories with the same fabrics, colours and textures to these new pieces. In this case, poufs, armchairs and stools are perfect, as they will allow us to have more seats for our guests.

Latorre, a safe bet on the modular sofa

Some of the pieces in our catalogue that can help you create the perfect environment for relaxation and entertainment, without losing sight of luxury, include:

Bond modular sofa

Designed by Guillermo Torrent, the Bond modular sofa has a structure made of beech and pine wood, the best types of wood for luxury furniture. At the same time, this piece of furniture has studs placed by hand one by one. Undoubtedly, the Bond sofa is the perfect piece to incorporate a modular product in a classic and avant-grade environment.
Why choose a modular sofa for your living room 1

Chukka modular sofa

The designer Rolf Zimmermann manufactured and created this upholstered piece with high density HR foam padding, rubber webbing and furniture. Just like the Bond sofa, the Chukka modular sofa is suitable for a classic and design environment, as its compositions allow it to create a perfect atmosphere of elegance and distinction.
Why choose a modular sofa for your living room 2

Grand National modular couch

This piece, designed in various finishes and textures by the Latorre design department, is perfect for any space with limited dimensions, but which at the same time needs that touch of elegance and comfort. The Grand National modular sofa, which has a structure made of beech and pine wood, is perfect for storing books or other accessories, as it has a drawer in the rear area.
Why choose a modular sofa for your living room 3
Now that you know the advantages of modern modular seating sofas, that Latorre we have a wide range of products manufactured and designed by a great team of professionals who develop the work from start to finish, always according to the preferences of each client. In addition, we give you the possibility of choosing custom-made furniture.

We are experts in creating comfortable, quality furniture with the latest technology and fully functional, always in the most elegant way possible. Access our product catalogue so you do not miss out on the latest innovations in interior design.