More than 50 years recreating luxury's sense and providing 
emotion to our furniture
Discover our history
From 1959 until today
Ascensión Latorre starts developing decoration projects in 1959 and, together with the enterpreneur spirit of his husband, Guillermo Torrent González, in 1975 they start Latorre, specialised in luxury handcrafted furniture. 

Latorre starts to export his pieces abroad and manage different exhibitions in Paris and other international shows.

During the 80s decade, Latorre changes its location in order to increase space and give support to the current demand. This location will be the definitive until today.

Our company is currently leadered by our founder, Ascensión, and managed by his three sons and grandson.

We keep on forging dreams.
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Inhouse manufacturing

We take over the whole manufacturing process, from design to the final assembly.

Proximity materials

We only select the best proximity materials in order to minimise the environmental impact.

Unique pieces

Luxury, design, emotion, autenticity. Sense and sentibility. We extract the essence of classicism


In Latorre, we assume the whole manufacturing process, and thanks to this, we can customize each piece.

100% customizable furniture
We assume the whole manufacturing process in order to customize each piece
Each and every piece of furniture we design has been 100% manufactured by Latorre, from begining to end, and that's why we can offer personalized pieces according to your necessities and tastes.