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High end sofas: characteristics and types

Distinction, warmth, taste, richness or character. Comfortable and elegant sofas are a must in any home. Thanks to a high end sofa, we can create a space that is cared for in every detail with an exclusive and charming design.

If you are passionate about decoration, design, looking to play with colours, textures and compositions or simply want to give a more sophisticated touch to your home, you are in the right place. When it comes to choosing a sofa, there are no set rules to follow: everything depends exclusively on your taste and the style you want to give to your home, as the sofa is the main piece in any self-respecting living room.

At Latorre, as a luxury furniture manufacturer, we give you the possibility to get inspired with these ideas of high end sofas that we tell you in this post for your luxury living room. This way you will be able to adapt any idea to your personal designs with style and elegance.


What are high end sofas and what are their characteristics

Exclusive and high end sofas are characterized by being pieces that can range from the most classic to the most contemporary finishes. The comfort and warmth of each sofa is perfectly integrated into the high-design sofa collections, creating customised, quality pieces with a wide range of fabrics, textures, finishes and colours, for example.

When we want to furnish a living room, we are looking to create a perfect space that is both comfortable and elegant at the same time. Each sofa is unique, as it can bring a touch of sumptuousness and elegance to our living room through its size, i.e., homes where luxury sofas are found tend to have a large living room, so the sofa should have a specific size. This is a fundamental attribute if we want to convey beauty and comfort.

At the same time, we can also give our rooms distinction and splendor over time, a synonym of luxury. Having free time to enjoy the home and each piece of furniture is a luxury. That is why luxury sofas chosen with care and attention to detail can help us to feel more comfortable and happy, as it offers us pleasure and calm when we rest at home.

Types of high end sofas

High end couches aim to give personality and character to the space in which they are placed. Modern and cozy couches are the point of distinction and reference of a living room, as they are the only room in a home where we can relax, entertain and spend time in company, all at the same time.

High design sofas have a long history in the interior design world. Therefore, it is normal that we find it difficult to choose the style of sofa we want for a room in our home. Over the years, luxury sofas have been reinvented and renewed. Here are some of the most iconic and representative types of sofas:

One-seater sofa

This type of modern designer sofa is perfect for spaces where you can enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation on your own: a reading corner, in a relaxation area or in front of a large window, for example.

One-seater sofas offer us a certain personal comfort, to give us that moment of disconnection and relaxation that we all need.

L-shaped sofa

If we have a large living room, the L-shaped sofa is undoubtedly a safe bet for this type of room. With one side then the other, it can accommodate five or six people without difficulty, thus allowing the room and the different areas to be divided within the same space.

This type of sofa is perfect for homes with a more industrial or loft style, which are located in the middle of the living room to give a greater sense of spaciousness to a room.

Corner sofa

The corner sofa is similar to the L-shaped sofa, but with the difference that it has two sides of equal length. In this way, the corner sofa forms a perfect angle to fit into any corner of a living room.

This sofa offers the home a cosy and pleasant space where guests can relax, converse and enjoy themselves. It is also perfect for large family homes, as it distinguishes itself as a generously sized entertainment area. It is also perfect for large family homes, as it distinguishes itself as a generously sized entertainment area.

Chaise Longue sofa

An iconic piece that has always been linked to luxury and elegance. The term Chaise Longue, of French origin, means “long chair” and was used by the aristocracy of the time an royalty when entertaining guests. The Chaise Longue sofa is characterised by being a very comfortable piece that allows you to keep your legs elevated.

In addition, they are very spacious pieces that stand out in large living rooms, making guests choose them as a place to sit back and relax.

Modular sofa

These individual pieces give our living room a touch of dynamism and creativity, as they break with the established. Modular sofas have the characteristic of being made up of movable and attachable pieces that can be adapted to the taste of each guest. Thanks to this type of luxury furniture, we can integrate and separate a room as we wish and thus create or compose different styles with the same pieces.

Latorre as a bet for incorporating stylish sofas

At Latorre we wanted to make a selection of our most exclusive sofas. Our pieces are characterised by being manufactured and designed by expert craftsmen and with premium high quality materials, always with an avant-garde design:

Babylon Berlin sofa

Our Babylon Berlin sofa, designed by Paco Camús, is an iconic piece made with beech and pine woods that form part of the structure. In addition, the Babylon Berlin Sofa is upholstered with high density HR foam padding. It is perfect for large spaces with lots of light, as it will give the room that touch of elegance and distinction.

David sofa

Our designer Guillermo Torrent had made this piece covered with fabrics and leathers from our own collection. The David sofa has studs placed by hand one by one and is perfect to give that touch of quality and design to any living room.
Luxury sofas. characteristics and types 2

Ascot sofa

Also designed by Guillermo Torrent, the Ascot sofa stands out for the materials, textures and colours with which it has been created. In addition, it is upholstered with high-density HR foam padding, rubber straps and springs.
high end sofas. characteristics and types 3

Marriott sofa

With a structure made of beech and pine wood, the Marriott sofa has been designed by Guillermo Torrent and features some very careful details, as this piece is covered with materials, fabrics and leathers from the Latorre collection.
Luxury sofas. characteristics and types 4
At Latorre, a luxury sofa brand, we have an extensive catalogue of high end sofa models to give you some luxury living room ideas of any home. Visit Latorre website to view all our luxury furniture with their different textures, colours and finishes.