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4 luxury living room ideas to inspire you

In their day-to-day work, each interior designer combines textures, colours and furniture to give a touch of harmony and comfort, without losing sight of the richness and elegance of each piece.

When it comes to designing a luxury salon, professional interior designers do not usually follow predefined rules, but are often guided by their intuition. The elaboration and construction of characterful and elegant spaces depends on the tastes, ideas or sources of inspiration that each interior design has. However, it can always help to have some ideas (blogs, social networks, magazines…), which inspire or contribute to define your own style.

At Latorre, luxury furniture manufacturers, we are committed to spaces that manage to create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. If you are passionate about decoration and interior design, this post will interest you. Get inspired by these luxury living room ideas and decorate with style and elegance.


Modern luxury lounges, a commitment to design

Elegance, comfort, sumptuousness, distinction and even emotions; luxury salons give off all these concepts. Although it is not within everyone’s reach, this type of space leaves no one indifferent. The decoration of a luxury salon has to be well cared for, studied and without skimping on any detail.

All design salons share three common characteristics that are repeated in all of them:
  1. Space. Generally, luxury living rooms are characterised by a large amount of square metres for the use and enjoyment of the residents of a home. Space is the key element to distinguish these luxurious rooms from other smaller rooms.
  2. Selection of furniture in detail. Probably the most important feature by which we can distinguish a luxurious and modern living room. Regardless of the style we want to give to our living room, quality furniture (sofas, bookshelves, coffee tables, armchairs…), correctly distributed and well selected is perfect for creating a personal and charming space.
  3. Light. Another essential feature of a luxury living room is the natural light that can enter from the large windows, or even the luminous atmosphere generated through perfectly arranged lamps. Through various points of light, we can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that reflects the elegance and comfort of the living room.

4 luxury living room ideas

In many homes, the living room is considered the most important room, as it is the most used and where we spend most of our time at home. Living rooms have become a very special and essential space, which deserves to convey a certain character of its own.

Richness, tranquility and elegance are the premises of luxury lounges. But what are the keys to a successful design? Here are some luxury living room ideas for you.

Lounges with a black finish

Opting for dark tones and black finishes for our designer living room can bring a lot of style and elegance to the room. In addition, we can use tables, chairs or some decorative finishes (sculptures, lamps or paintings) with certain lacquered nuances to give this room a very distinguished and characteristic shine.

Spaciously designed lounges with views of nature

It is important to be clear that we must get rid of any architectural barriers that do not let in natural light or give a sense of spaciousness. Out with walls and doors that take up space, in with floor to ceiling windows to give the living room a touch of glamour and a fusion with nature.

Arches separating spaces are generally used as decorative ornaments within luxurious rooms in many homes. A modular sofa, a Chaise Longue or a bookcase can help create an incredible view of the living room and at the same give a feeling of greater spaciousness.

Luxury living rooms with beige and light-coloured furniture

If we want to create a fresh and Italian style space, pastel colours and light tones such as pink, beige or nude colours are perfect for living room furniture pieces. These colour shades are similar to the elaborate designs for modern, high-end luxury salons.

Classic living rooms with lots of decoration

Luxurious spaces are not only made up of luxury armchairs and high end sofas. Many high quality and high standing spaces have a large number of decorative and sumptuous elements that go beyond the usual. In luxurious living rooms, every little detail is important: an armchair, a rug, an upholstery, a blanket, a cushion, etc.

Latorre, products with a highly emotional design

Focused on transmitting and creating a relationship between the user and the furniture, the emotional design of the luxury lounges causes an emotional response in all the homes where it is installed. At Latorre, we seek to transmit with our products the union between a concept, in this case a piece of furniture, and the needs of our customers, always taking care of the aesthetics of the piece.

Here are just a few of our many projects that can inspire you to design luxury living rooms:


This piece has been designed by the artisan Ximo Roca. The Oboe sofa is composed of a structure made of beech and pine. In addition, this piece of furniture is covered with fabrics or leathers from our collection, perfect for combining with open spaces and with character. The parts are supported on steel feet with various options of finishes. If you are looking for a cozy sofa, this is your piece.


Cristina Gorzanelli is the creator of this Chaise Longue. This piece made of beech and pine wood (some of the different types of wood most commonly used) measures 107×83 cm, but it also has an XXL version (113 x 104 cm). The Flofà Chaise Longue is upholstered with high density HR foam padding, rubber straps and springs. Thanks to its pink tones and soft colours, this piece of furniture is perfect for living rooms with lots of natural light.

Luxury living rooms, ideas to inspire you 2


This coffee table, made of while Italian marble, has a polished steel structure in various finishes. The architectural studio, Design Macalula, produces this Dolomita coffee table of high standing, quality and its own design.

Luxury living rooms, ideas to inspire you 3
We also give you some luxury dining rooms ideas, because at Latorre we are experts in creating designer and luxury furniture pieces for the dining and living room, always extracting the essence of the classic. That is why we are committed to combining technology and comfort in our products, always with the highest quality and with losing sight of elegance. Choosing luxury furniture it is a huge decision, trust in Latorre’s quality.

If you are interested in including stylish and characterful pieces in your luxury living room, please visit our website where you can be inspired by our furniture and projects. Check out the latest luxury furniture market trends!