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Luxury furniture market trends that will be a hit

Unique, exclusive pieces at the forefront of the latest market trends, elegant and of incalculable beauty, luxury furniture are products of the highest quality in which even the smallest detail matters.

In luxury furniture, quality and materials are fundamental concepts that take precedence over other elements. Focusing on such components as well as on lines, shades and finishes, for example, results in unique and incomparable pieces.

It is important to bear in mind that in order to add value to each piece and to ensure that it is a luxury piece, it has been manufactured in the most artisanal way possible by expert craftsmen or professionals in the field, with an irreplaceable human factor.

At Latorre we have been designing and manufacturing luxury furniture for more than 30 years, combining the elegance, class and distinction of this family business. That’s why, in this post we show you the luxury furniture markets trends that, from our point of view, will triumph. Get to know them and choose the ones you like best.


Luxury furniture market trends and its characteristics

In order to distinguish a luxury piece of furniture, we have to be aware of its elegance, its quality and that it is different from other furniture because of its great value in the market. After all, furniture is an emotional design element that is characterised by being inside a room, which encourages the creation of a sophisticated design that adapts to the type of space in which it is to be placed and thus takes the utmost care of its aesthetics, layout and design.

But how can we differentiate luxury furniture from simpler, lower-end furniture? Here are a number of characteristics by which we can distinguish a luxurious piece of furniture:
  1. Quality. At first glance, we can appreciate if we are in front of a luxury piece of furniture, as we will know that we are in front of a unique piece of furniture due to its finishes.
  2. Colour and lines. One thing that is sure to draw a lot of attention to a piece of furniture is its colour. A perfect shade and paint finish are essential to create a luxury piece of furniture. In addition, the fine, finely worked lines are one of the most important characteristics of this type of piece.
  3. Materials. The use of a good material can be the difference between a high-end piece of furniture and a normal piece of furniture. Having all the information about the type of fabric or its care is essential to distinguish a luxury piece of furniture.
  4. Elegance. It is a characteristic of high-end furniture that they stand out from the rest because of this distinction and that they are in harmony with the space in which they are located.
  5. Manufacturing. As we explained at the beginning, a luxury piece of furniture, if it is not handmade, is not a unique and exclusive piece of furniture.

Luxury furniture market trends

High-end furniture creates a sense of confidence, warmth and sophistication in the room in which it is placed. For this reason, the choice of furniture is crucial when decorating a room.

Here are some of this top choices or trends in high-quality, modern luxury furniture:

Vibrant colours and not boring at all

Colours such as green, blue and yellow are appearing more and more frequently in interior design, especially in pieces such as sofas, armchairs, accessories and cushions, among others.

These shades bring a touch of colour and contrast to the rooms, as they combine with the walls to create a more pleasant atmosphere.

Luxury furniture trends that will be a hit 1

Textures and new contrasts

The textures and new contrasts of the different pieces bring elegance, personality and brightness, without leaving aside the classic elements. Wood, gold or golden finishes, even upholstery such as leather or linen, will help us to give that modern and sophisticated touch.

Sustainable design

More and more users are turning to sustainable, ecological, eco-friendly and environmentally friendly design. Sustainable furniture does not have to be at odds with modern luxury furniture; one of the keys is to combine both trends in the same piece.

Uncluttered and minimalist environments

Spaces cluttered with a lot of classic furniture are being replaced by rooms that are visibly more uncluttered and avant-garde. This is achieved by including chairs, armchairs or sofas that are not higher than the tables or benches, in order to achieve a horizontal and orderly effect.

Metallic finishes

Gradually, metallic, shiny and gold finishes are becoming more important than softer or pastel colours. This type of finish gives a room shine, character and a certain touch of luxury and elegance in a totally different way, without losing its traditional style.

Luxury furniture trends that will be a hit 2

At Latorre we adapt the characteristics and styling of the classic to today’s world. We bring to our pieces comfort, quality, technology, emotions and functionality through our products, always in the most elegant way possible. All our sofa and luxury furniture collections embody the art and beauty of our earl creations.