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Types of foam for sofas

A sofa is the cornerstone of a living room. Thanks to this piece of furniture, we create a space where we can meet with family and friends. But it is not only important to ensure that the furniture is elegant and fits in with the style of our home. We must also ensure that the sofa is comfortable to sit on, as well as resistant and durable.

That is why, before choosing the sofa that best suits our tastes and styles, we should pay attention to the type of foam used to manufacture luxury sofas. If we choose a low-density foam model, the sofa may deform or, on the contrary, if we select a more rigid type of foam, the seating will be more compact.

Do we really know how many types of foam for sofas we can find on the market and which one is the best for luxury sofas? At Latorre, as a company specialising in the manufacturer of luxury furniture, we are aware of the interest that this subject arouses in our customers, which is why we tell you about in this post.


How to choose a type of foam filling for a sofa

The foam upholstery of luxury sofas is characterised by being a type of upholstery that is both resistant and durable, as it quickly recovers the initial shape of the sofa.

It is not only the aesthetic design that is important when selecting our luxury sofa. It is also vitally important to test whether the piece we are going to choose is comfortable and adapts to us. Some of the luxury sofa upholstery that stands out above the rest are foam upholstery.

Therefore, when sitting down, it is important to make sure that your hips are not lower than your knees. Another aspect to pay attention to is that our back is correctly supported by the backrest of our sofa, thus ensuring that our lumbar area is protected. And finally, we must bear in mind that, when we are seated, our feet are touching the floor.

All these factors undoubtedly mean that we have to choose a type of foam that is of high quality and has a certain durability over time. Normally, when it comes to comfort, the backrest area is usually softer than the seat. However, it is not until three or four months, when the foams used in sofas usually have their definitive seating.

4 types of foam for sofas

The foam padding you select for a luxury sofa will make a difference to how comfortable the product will be in the future, significantly influencing the strength of the furniture.

Foam is a material that has different types of densities, as well as it can have a lower or higher hardness; the latter can vary depending on the number of particles that the foam filling of a sofa has per cubic.

The following are some of the types of foam depending on their density:

20 kg/m3 low density foam

This first type of foam, white in colour, has a hard soft firmness. This density is mainly used for the backrests of sofas and wedges, as they do not support a weight like a seat and have a medium durability.

25 kg/m3 medium density foam

Blue foam is characterised by a medium density and therefore has a lower resilience capacity. What does this mean? It is a foam with low flexibility, cushioning and resilience. This 25 kg/m3 foam is used in sofas that are not used much or in beds sofa, for example.

30 kg/m3 high density foam

The most common for day-to-day, more general furniture. With a green colour, thanks to its robustness and firmness, this type of foam can be harder or softer, depending on the needs of each client.

40 kg/m3 extra-hard density foam

Finally, the foam with a brown or white colour has an extra-hard type of filling. It has a greater durability, which makes it perfect for furniture with intensive and continuous use. Its main type of sofas are high quality sofas. The fact that its density is higher does not make it a hard type of foam, but it adapts to the type of firmness; whether it is soft or harder, always guaranteeing the best rest.

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Latorre, quality foam for luxury sofas

At Latorre, manufacturers of luxury furniture, our main objective is that our customers are satisfied. For this reason, we have four types of foam padding that adapt to the needs of each of our customers.

Here are two of our newest sofas that can be fitted with different types of foam padding:

Johann sofa

The novelty of the moment in our book: the Johann sofa, designed by Guillermo Torrent. This piece can be grouped with others from the same collection individually; either as a single element for a living room or for a luxury bedroom. Undoubtedly, it is not only a piece of furniture for a residential space, but its shape, colours and finishes make it perfect to fit in a contract space.
Types of foam for sofas 2

Royalton circular sofa

This model, also from the new collection, has been designed by Guillermo Torrent. Although the Royalton collection is made up of various types of sofas, modules, Chaise Longues or benches; at Latorre we wanted to offer a more avant-garde version, with the circular Royalton. This new version adapts to spaces where the sofa is the centre of the living room, allowing a better interaction between the people in the room.
Types of foam for sofas 3
At Latorre, we have been working for more than 50 years to offer our clients the best quality and maximum comfort in luxury furniture.

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