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What is the most important thing when choosing luxury dining rooms?

A place to share moments, conversations and laughter with family and friends: luxury dining rooms are the perfect space in which to create an atmosphere conducive to calm, entertainment and hospitality.

There are many compositions that can be created and designed for a luxurious dining room: cold or austere furniture, sober or overloaded decorations, different colors or textures, furniture and accessories of great quality…

When we receive guests in our home, we are always concerned that our guests lack nothing, that they feel at home and that the image of any luxurious room and dining room is as impeccable as possible.

But what is the most important thing when choosing luxury dining rooms? In this post by Latorre, as a luxury furniture brand, we give you the keys that will help you know how to correctly choose the luxury dining rooms that best suit your project.


Why choose luxury dining rooms

A space where we can enjoy a good meal with our loved ones and closest people immersed in a luxurious atmosphere, this is how we could define this concept.

A dining room with well cared for furniture and perfectly chosen decoration can become a space where you can spend most of your time and enjoy the best possible company. If we opt for high quality pieces with a touch of glamour, we will feel in a space in perfect harmony, harmony and conformity.

The objective of elegant luxury dining rooms is none other than to bring to the room a warm character, but without leaving aside the simplicity and personality of the sophisticated. In other words, that diners who come to our luxury dining room feel at home.

5 keys to an elegant luxury dining room

Having an elegant dining room means that we can have a room that, at first glance, has a lot of style and class.

To achieve an elegant and sophisticated touch to our luxury dining room, we have to adapt some simple but essential ideas to create an environment with style and character.

Dining room space in proportion to the furniture

Depending on the size of our room, the pieces we incorporate should have a volume according to this space. For example, if we have a small dining room, we can add a table that can be extended to leave free space around it. On the other hand, if the room is larger, then we can choose a large table, which occupies more space, with more voluminous chairs.

The perfect materials for a luxurious dining room

To create a relaxed, warm atmosphere that encourages conversation, it is important that we opt for warm and noble colors and textures such as wood (there are different types of wood), beech or dark brown or gray colors, for example.

The central table matters

The main element of an elegant dining room. The central luxury table should not only be aesthetically beautiful, but also functional and comfortable for our guests. In addition, depending on the shape of the room, it is more appropriate to choose one form of table or another. For example: if our dining room is elongated, we opt for a rectangular or oval table; on the other hand, if the dining room has a more square shape, we will choose a square or round piece.

The design of the chairs, in keeping with the table

It is useless to take care of the aesthetics and finish of the center table, if we do not take into account the luxury dining chairs we should choose. These must maintain the concordance of colors, materials and finishes of the table we have chosen. In this way, we will create a composition in harmony and concordance.

Accessories and lamps

In addition to the furniture, another key to a good luxury dining room is the lighting. A central luxury lamp that illuminates, but does not dazzle, is perfect for a dining room. For this reason it is important to opt for hanging lamps and warm light.

Latorre, designer dining room furniture

Nowadays, there are many possibilities that can help us to be inspired or to define an elegant and elegant style for our dining room, applying sumptuous colors and designs that will attract the attention of our guests.

In Latorre we design and create furniture always taking care of the smallest detail, with the aim of adding to our modern luxury dining rooms a careful aesthetic and an elegant and cozy spirit. Here are some luxury dining rooms ideas:

Goldeneye table

María José Gimeno designs this dining table, with a DM wood structure and finished in various colors. The Goldeneye table allows a design with various measures, perfect depending on the space we have. This piece is perfect for a spacious dining room with lots of natural light.

goldeneye luxury table for luxury dining rooms

Nigthgale chair

With a beech and pine structure, the designer Carlos Mayoral, has created this unique and perfect piece for any luxurious dining room. The Nigthgale chair, upholstered in high density HR polyurethane foam rubber, is covered with fabrics or leathers from our collection. In turn, this chair features hand-placed studs one by one.

luxury dining rooms

Hearthrow table

With an MDF and beech wood structure, the Hearthrow table, also designed by María José Gimeno, is available in several colors. In turn, the furniture is sheathed with fabrics or leathers from the Latorre collection, making it a unique piece to be the centerpiece of an elegant luxury dining room.

comedores de lujo/luxury dining rooms 
In Latorre, as expert designers of luxury furniture since 1959, we encourage you to know all the pieces and compositions available on our website, as well as giving you the possibility to choose custom-made furniture. Also we give you some luxury living room ideas.

All our collections of luxury sofas and luxury furniture reflect the art and beauty of our first creations. In addition, in our furniture designers section, you can discover all the professionals we work with. Discover also our luxury stools.

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