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4 things to consider when choosing luxury furniture

Luxury furniture is a benchmark for the most select clients who take into account each piece chosen to form part of their home.

The concept of luxury furniture is linked to the idea of connecting luxury with relaxation, but always surrounded by unique pieces with character. Today, high-end furniture has confirmed its presence in many homes.

But, how do we choose the perfect design of luxury furniture for our home? We can define a series of lines that will help us to select unique furniture for each of the rooms that make up your home. However, the keys to decorating a space with personality are not only to be found in luxury furniture or large pieces, but also in small details such as mirror, lighting and accessories, where large finishes, gilding and textures predominate, also make us feel luxury and exclusivity.

In this Latorre’s post we give you the possibility to know the aspects that you should take into account when choosing a luxury furniture.


Luxury furniture, a unique experience

After a hard day ‘s work, there is nothing more pleasant than coming home and resting, having some time to ourselves and enjoying a good book or a glass of wine. We take off our shoes, drop our arms and also our heavy bodies on the sofa, bed or armchair. The feeling we get at that moment is one of peace, calm and even a slight ywan.

At that moment nothing matters, there is only that moment or tranquility and serenity around us.

This is when we come to the conclusion that the feeling of being in harmony and at rest with ourselves and the space that surrounds us can only be provided by our home and each of the pieces of furniture that make it up.

Now keep in mind that all the feeling that moment has given you is matched by high quality materials, light and textures that ensure the production and emotional design of pricelessly elegant furniture of incalculable value. It is something we all want: to give a special touch and a certain glamour to our homes, with rooms that contain unique pieces, without leaving aside the harmony of our home.

Things to consider when choosing luxury furniture

Before delving into the points to consider when choosing luxury furniture, it is essential that the room is in perfect harmony with the luxury decor and, above all, that it matches the furniture.

First impressions are crucial

When we enter a home for the first time, the first thing we notice is the hallway, the first place and the place where there is usually a coat hanger, for example. In this space we can replace this type of pieces and replace them with a wall painted in black or dark green tones, including a comfortable Chaise Longue or a bookshelf, among other things.

Depending on the space available, we can also place a sculpture or a floor lamp that will make this room more sober and well-lit by adding small decorative details.

Combine furniture, colours and textures

The living room is the room where the style and attitude of the people living in a home is reflected. For this reason, armchairs, sofas and stools become the heart of this space.

Use materials that provide some extra detail. Finishes in leather, velvet fabrics, metals, solid oak, studs and gilding create a sumptuous effect and mark the difference between the everyday and the exclusive.

4 things to consider when choosing luxury furniture 1

Take space into account

Depending on the space you have, you can furnish your room in one way or another. With a large, well-lit room you can use pieces of furniture in neutral colours and with certain details and accessories that allow you to give a sense of movement.

If the space is smaller, using elegant furniture with sinuous and undulating shapes will make the room appear much larger. In addition, you can also help by incorporating functional furniture, textured walls or mirrored sliding doors to give a more spacious feel. Be sure to use natural light points to your advantage.

Check the guarantee and quality of each part

There is no point in spending a large budget on high-end parts if they are not of high quality furniture and do not hold up over time. That is why it is important to seek advice and ask questions before purchasing our luxury furniture. Asking the seller about the guarantee is essential to know if you are buying high luxury furniture. Also if they have in house manufacturing like Latorre, you will know that they will take care of the whole process of the furniture.

Now that you have a general idea of how to choose luxury furniture to decorate your home, you can dive into our catalogue of luxury products and find the perfect piece to make your house your home. Also, if you want to stay on top of luxury furniture market trends or some ideas for luxury living rooms, don’t miss our post about them.