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Top 3 characteristics of high quality luxury furniture

Quality finishes, the nobility of the materials, the know-how of professional craftsmen, these are some of the properties that make high quality luxury furniture unique.


The sumptuousness, richness and distinction of the manufacturing process show off the nobility of the materials with which a high-class product has been manufactured. Undoubtedly, luxury furniture differs from other furniture at first glance by its elegance, its finishes, its shades or its compositions, for example.


Acquiring high quality luxury furniture is a considerable and valuable investment. Therefore, from Latorre, luxury furniture brand, we tell you the keys that will help you choose a high quality furniture online.


Quality of luxury furniture

Luxury furniture stands out from the rest of the market for its elegance, great value and quality. One of the main peculiarities of luxury furniture is that no two are alike, since each one has a completely different design, creation, manufacturing and production process. In addition, always following the specifications, indications and tastes of the client.

However, this is not possible without the help and knowledge of a team of highly qualified professionals who know first hand the work, the materials and the various compositions. They will be in charge of working the furniture, assembling its structure, incorporating the fabrics and accessories.


Undoubtedly, any luxurious sofa, luxury armchair, chaise longue, table, chair or luxury stool that deserves the title of ‘High Quality Furniture’, must be accompanied by a functional design without losing sight of luxury.

3 main characteristics of luxury furniture

Luxury furniture is characterized by being unique, elegant pieces of great value and incalculable beauty. It is increasingly common to see imitations of products that can damage the image and spoil the efforts of large companies and professionals in the sector, who strive to create high quality products. But how is it possible to recognize a luxury piece of furniture from a non-luxury one?


Here are some qualities that can help us identify quality furniture:

Quality of furniture and materials

The first thing we must take into account when checking if we are in front of a luxury furniture is the quality of the materials and raw materials with which it has been manufactured. Materials that must guarantee the exclusivity and glamour of the furniture, without forgetting its stability and solidity over time.

The materials of which a luxury furniture is composed must be easy to clean, maintain and care for. Therefore, the upholstery of each piece must be thick enough to withstand the pressure and weight when we sit on it. In addition, the foam padding with which the furniture is upholstered should be of high density and include rubber straps and springs.


Quality of fabrics and finishes

With a first glance we can know if we are in front of a luxury piece of furniture. Thanks to its finishes, textures and materials we will know if it is really a unique and incomparable piece.

Luxury, design, emotion, authenticity, are some of the keys that we can extract when we find a piece of furniture with unique fabrics and finishes. Undoubtedly, luxury furniture manufacturers bet on fabrics and textures that bring a touch of distinction to our home, as they take care of every detail to the maximum to always get the best result for the customer.


Sustainability during the manufacturing process

More and more designers, interior designers and customers are looking for sustainable furniture in order to reduce the environmental impact. However, this concept is not embraced by all furniture manufacturers.


As a luxury furniture brand, at Latorre we are committed to local materials. That is why we select the best materials, manufacturing each of our pieces from scratch using processes that have a minimum impact on nature. From our company we promote social and sustainable values, always taking care of the smallest detail. For all this, we promote emotional design in each of our products.


In addition, in our industrial plant, located in Valencia, we have installed more than 100 solar panels, with the aim of producing around 65% of the energy we use every day in our work processes.


Luxury pieces perfect for the home


In Latorre we manufacture a wide range of design and luxury furniture in which quality, elegance and comfort are fundamental aspects in our philosophy of creation.


Below, we show you some of our pieces that we make with high quality materials:

Five Stars Sofa

Designed by Guillermo Torrent, the Five Stars sofa has a structure made of beech and pine wood, the best types of wood for luxurious sofas. At the same time, it is composed of an upholstery with high density HR foam rubber fillings, rubber straps and springs that make this a unique and designer piece.

five star sofa high quality luxury furniture

Oboe armchair

Designer Ximo Roca has created, manufactured and designed this piece perfect for any luxury lounge. The Oboe armchair is upholstered with high-density HR polyurethane foam padding, rubber straps and springs. At the same time, it has steel feet with several finish options.

quality home furniture

Four Seasons Sofa

This piece, designed entirely by Guillermo Torrent, is covered with fabrics or leathers from Latorre’s own collection, and optionally customers can choose the materials. In addition, the Four Seasons sofa can be designed with special measurements of the furniture, always after study of the Department of design, quality and production of the company.


The furniture manufactured by Latorre is elegant, stylish and high quality. In short, furniture that manages to convey class, warmth and distinction. In addition, we have in-house manufacturing, taking care of the entire process.

If you want to know more about our products or some luxury living room ideas, please visit our luxury furniture catalog, or contact us, we will be happy to help you!