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In-house manufacturing: reasons to consider

The concept of “in-house manufacturing” refers to any supplier who manufactures their furniture entirely within the company and whose functions or responsibilities revolve around the creation, design and manufacture of each piece of furniture. Unlike others, this work process often requires, on certain occasions, greater depth and more holistic vision on the part of the supplier.

Purchasing furniture from suppliers with in-house manufacturing is a very effective solution to the various strategic challenges of any architect, interior designer or company.

In this post by Latorre, as a benchmark company on the national scene that assumes its entire production process, we will show you the advantages of buying furniture from suppliers with in-house manufacturing. Keep reading to make sure you do not miss a thing!


Everything you need to know about in-house manufacturing

We understand in-house manufacturers to be all those professionals and companies that cover the complete manufacturing process of a product. This development includes from the initial design, the choice of materials, the manufacture of the pieces of furniture step by step, its assembly and construction, to its subsequent assembly and transport.

Thanks to the fact that a distributor covers the entire manufacturing process of a piece, products can be created, personalised and designed, always taking care of the smallest detail. At the same time, during the in-house manufacturing process, the consumer can decide which materials, textures or shades best match the interior design ambience of a room or home.

4 benefits of buying furniture with in-house manufacturing

More and more companies highlight as one of their strengths their in-house manufacturing, where they take on the entire furniture manufacturing process, from the design to the final assembly of each piece. Likewise, these in-house suppliers select the best local materials, with the objective of minimising the impact on the environment.

These are some of the advantages of choosing furniture from manufacturers who take care of the entire manufacturing process:

Greater personalisation of furniture

It is important to bear in mind that, when ordering a piece of furniture from a supplier with these characteristics, this will allow us to select in the smallest detail all the materials with which it is made, measurements, textures and colours of the upholstery.

Thanks to this option, we will be more satisfied with the final result, as the furniture will become unique and exclusive pieces. All of this will give us the satisfaction and pride of having participated in a totally exclusive process and through which our house will not be comparable to any other.

Shorter delivery times

For furniture suppliers, achieving on-time delivery of the product in optimal conditions is the perfect way to close a deal. However, achieving this is not always an easy task, as it sometimes requires rigorous planning and organisation.

In-house furniture manufacturers are known for their ability to meet product delivery deadlines, as they tend to plan the creation, design and manufacture of furniture in detail. At the same time, many companies often have technologies that allow them to improve their internal delivery processes, which can give them a competitive advantage.

Advantages of buying furniture from suppliers with in-house manufacturing 1

Quality and local materials guaranteed

By purchasing furniture directly from suppliers with in-house manufacturing, we also ensure that the product is of high quality. Sometimes it may seem like a good idea to buy furniture at a cheaper price and with a simple design. But are we really buying quality pieces?

As clients, we have to consider that cheap is often expensive and that, when we need to make a major investment in furniture, we have to be sure that we will not regret it in the long run.

This does not mean that we only have to look at the price of a piece of furniture: it is important to analyse and examine the materials the parts are made of, the type of workmanship and whether the supplier has a repair service after a purchase, for example.

Much more humane and closer treatment

As customers we cannot base the purchase of a piece of furniture on whether it has a high or low price: this is a mistake. There are other factors that can sometimes influence us more than price when buying in-house furniture. One of these reasons is the ways the supplier deals with the customer.

It is not the same to buy a piece of furniture from a manufacturer who does not take any care with the customer and who does not meet delivery deadlines, as it is to buy a product from a qualified professional who takes care of each piece as if there were no other. Moreover, good furniture professionals usually have a design and manufacturing workshop, which we can visit to see how the process is carried out.

Latorre, experts in manufacturing furniture in-house

From our philosophy we are committed to emotional design, glamour and authenticity in each of our creations. Always extracting the essence of the classic, but without losing sigh of the complete manufacturing process and the personalisation of each of our pieces.

One of the main characteristics of Latorre’s luxury furniture is that each piece is unique and unrepeatable, as its manufacturing process is 100% individual and close, always taking care of the smallest detail to obtain the best result. This also results in a more sustainable furniture.

Advantages of buying furniture from suppliers with in-house manufacturing 2
The structure of Latorre luxury sofas is forged in beech and pine wood, an element that undoubtedly provides a certain guarantee of the traceability of the wood used in the final product, always respecting the environment. These are the best kinds of wood for luxury furniture.

In addition, at our industrial plant in Valencia we have installed 103 solar panels that produce between 60% and 65% of the energy used every day in our work processes. Thanks to this, we avoid the annual emission of more than 16,000 kilograms of CO2.

At Latorre, as a luxury furniture manufacturer, we will continue to be committed to in-house manufacturing for each of our pieces. If you want to know more about our products do not hesitate to access our website or download our online catalogue.