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Cozy sofas: how to make it more comfortable

Elegance, distinction, sumptuousness, balance and harmony. These are some of the attributes that come to mind when we think of a luxury sofa. But we should not only be guided by whether a sofa fits in a room in our home or not. It is also very important to know if we are looking at pieces that are comfortable and cozy sofas enough to accommodate family or friends, for example.

From Latorre, luxury furniture manufacturers, we give you these tips or ideas of cozy sofas to make it more comfortable. Keep reading to find out more!


What makes a couch comfortable

It is often the details that set the mood and dictate the feel of a space.

We come home after a long day at work, looking forward to lying down in our elegant living room to read a book or simply relax after a busy day. The coffee table and the lighting are in harmony with our sofa and the armchair, situated in front of the window through which a warm, soft light enters. We arrive at our destination: the sofa. But, as we settle into it, we realize that it is not as comfortable as we had hoped. And what could have been a quiet and peaceful time becomes a completely different moment.

Cozy sofas help to create and compose a natural and simple space, as this type of product has been designed with your comfort in mind, but without neglecting a certain touch of elegance and distinction.

4 tips to make your sofa more cozy couch

In a living room, the sofa is a fundamental element. Its choice is decisive, as it is the main piece and the one that should invite guests to relax. It is essential that, when deciding which sofa to choose, we are guided by the main features of upholstery and comfort.

Here are some top tips on how to choose a cozy sofa and how to make comfy couch:

Feel and texture of materials

The materials and texture of the fabrics are our secret weapon. Opting for pieces with velvet, linen or cotton textures will allow us to compose an elegant and shiny surface. Also the different kinds of wood we manufacture our furniture.

By incorporating products that are warm to the touch and that attract attention due to their complexity, both ourselves and our guests will begin to take an interest and feel intrigued by the room they are in. In turn, this will give us new sensations and envelop us in a totally cozy couch and classy atmosphere.

cozy sofas

Sofas with rounded shapes

For a sofa to be a comfortable cozy couch it needs soft, curved shapes to give a sense of calm and comfort. A piece with straight lines and hard edges tends to give a feeling of rigidity and hardness. In addition, we always have to sit with an upright and serious posture.

Round shapes encourage a more relaxed atmosphere, thus allowing our luxury living room to be more carefree and relaxed. When we are in a room like this, we want to have the feeling that the furniture is almost embracing us, so that we can curl up and get comfortable on our sofa.

Use decorative elements

Elements such as cushions are the perfect complement for a unique decoration, mainly on sofas, armchairs or Chaise Longues, for example. Cushions are a very important accessory if we want to create a cozy atmosphere in our living room with personality.

To do this, at Latorre, we advise you to opt for luxury cushions of different sizes, colours, prints and textures. Depending on the time of year we are in, we can alternate different covers, choosing darker and warmer fabrics during the winter, and softer and more colourful covers for the summer.

cozy sofas

Choose sofas in different shades

White sofas with light tones tend to give a feeling of brightness during the day, but can give the impression that we are in a cold and rigid space at nightfall. Therefore, we encourage you to incorporate earth tones in your luxury sofas, in order to give a touch of warmth. This will make the space you are in feel natural and cozy at the same time.

You can also opt for darker tones such as brown or blues. These colours will give your sofa and living room a sense of balance, harmony and class. You can also combine these colours with earth tones or even more striking shades such as oranges, purples or pinks, among others.

At Latorre, a family business and luxury furniture boutique, we work to create cute sofa designs and new products so that our end customers can make them a way of communicating with their environment, such as with their cars or their clothes. In addition, with us you have the opportunity to choose your own luxury custom-made furniture.

If you want to know more about our products and luxury furniture, do not hesitate to download our new online catalogue.