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How to set design furniture for hotels

“Trends disappear, style is eternal”, Yves Saint Laurent, French designer and entrepreneur.

Luxury furniture continues to be an iconic piece of furniture and a benchmark for the most discerning hotel guest. Whether for business or leisure, hotel guests are looking for a comfortable, relaxing and quality experience. For this reason, luxury hotels aim to be a place to rest and disconnect, but without losing sight of the glamour or style that luxury hotel furniture brings to these spaces.

In this post by Latorre, experts in designing unique and unrepeatable luxury furniture, we tell you how to incorporate designer furniture in a hotel to create an unforgettable experience.


Design furniture for hotels

A luxury hotel furniture is a place that provides a high quality accommodation experience for its guests. Hotels are made up of rooms and stays of high standing and great comfort, where attention is paid to the smallest detail.

Every room in a luxury hotel gives the guest a first impression of sophistication, confidence and a certain warmth, making the guest feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. But, how do we make our guests feel at home?

Thanks to luxury furniture we can transmit and create welcoming spaces within a hotel. Pieces that are designed and manufactured by professional craftsmen, with an extremely careful composition and colours, help to create a sense of luxury and elegance.

Hotels aim to be a home for the people who reside there, creating quality spaces to rest when the day is over. However, a hotel is not only made up of rooms, but also of common areas and rooms. These latter rooms are the first impression that a client takes away from a hotel and that is why it is essential to take care of them.

How to incorporate design furniture for hotels

Both the design and the space where the luxury furniture is located have a very special function: to provide exclusivity and comfort to hotel guests.

Although it may seem like a no-brainer, incorporating the perfect modern and designer furniture to fit into a room is no easy task. Below, we are going to analyse some of the keys to introducing luxury hotel furniture:

Marks a style

The basis of any interior design furniture for hotels is to define the style of the space we are going to design and decorate. When choosing luxury furniture, we can select a classic style, with soft coloured pieces, velvet finishes and natural lighting, with the sole aim of achieving a sober yet modern room. We also have the option of choosing solid oak, beech wood, dark coloured furniture, glossy or lacquered, to give the room a more elegant character.

Integral decoration

As we have already mentioned, a hotel does not only focus on the decoration of the rooms, but there are also places such as the dining room, the waiting room, the hall or the foyer, which are also important to design and take care of in detail. For this reason, these rooms must also have quality and luxury furniture, as well as a special composition of details and character.

Taking care of every detail to the maximum

For a high end hotel furniture to have that concept of luxury and elegance, it is essential to take care of every detail. Natural flowers, coffee tables, stools, rugs in the room, cushions on the bed, chandeliers, mirrors and shelves, among many others. Each of these pieces contribute to the concept of exclusivity and warmth that a hotel seeks to offer its guests.

Functional and quality furniture

When we talk about exclusive designer furniture, it is important to emphasise that the pieces should not only be beautiful and elegant, but also practical and functional. Each product should be adapted and fit into a specific space.

It is all very well for a designer sofa to have a unique and exclusive style, but if they do not provide comfort and relaxation when we sit on them, they are of no use to us. For these reasons, the fabrics, finishes and upholstery of each luxury piece of furniture must be chosen correctly by professionals who are guided by design rules and who comply with strict quality standards.

Latorre’s footprint in luxury hotels

Taking care of the compositions, finishes and lines of each piece of luxury furniture is essential to create a room that suits the preferences of each client. At Latorre we have a team of professionals who are up to date with the latest trends, and thanks to them we develop from start to finish hospitality and residential projects that adapt to the needs of each of our clients. Also we give you some keys when choosing luxury hospitality furniture. Take a look!

Here are some of our products that could fit perfectly into the design furniture for hotels of a high-end hotel:

Squadra sofa

Designed by Ximo Roca, the Squadra sofa has a structure made from beech and pine wood. In addition, it is upholstered with high-density foam rubber and HR padding. Undoubtedly, the Squadra sofa is perfect to give that sophisticated touch to any high end hotel furniture.

Design furniture for hotels

Oboe Planet bed

With a structure made of beech and chromed steel, this luxury bed, also designed by the artist Ximo Roca, has special measurements that adapt to every room in any luxury hotel. At the same time, the Oboe Planet bed had chromed steel feet with different finishes.

How to set luxury furniture in a hotel 2

Palace sofa

The Palace collection is designed by the Latorre department and is covered with fabrics and leathers from our own collection. The Palace sofa has studs placed by hand one by one and is perfect for any hotel room, as it is characterised by its neat and clean composition. The metal piece on the arm of this luxury sofa is used to store objects such as glasses, for example.

How to set luxury furniture in a hotel 3
Now that you know how to incorporate design and quality furniture in a hotel, at Latorre, as a luxury furniture brand based in Valencia, we give you the possibility of accessing our catalogue of luxury furniture. Here you will find an infinite number of luxury pieces to decorate a hotel room with personality. Stay informed and discover some luxury living room ideas in our blog.

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