“Brocades with soul and craftsmanship with heart”. Undoubtedly, this is the Latorre’s premise of solidarity and Gratia Plena, handmade seamstresses, which seeks to raise funds for Breast Cancer research with the Le Cadó Foundation, a national non-scientific and specific foundation against Breast Cancer, was established in November 2010.

Since 2018, at Latorre, luxury furniture manufacturers, we have been involved in this project, working hand in hand with the foundation to raise funds to finance research projects in this field.

With the collection of bags, backpacks and Tote Bags, made by the artisan seamstresses of Gratia Plena, directed by Lucía Bellés since 1999, we raise funds for research against this disease that affects many women. Undoubtedly, a composition of design and luxurious and exuberant materials in expert hands that pamper the detail, so that each bag is a unique and unreputable piece, handmade and 100% customizable with the initials of our customers.

Funds earmarked for various centers

All proceeds from sales go to the ongoing research at the Clinical Hospital in Valencia (INCLIVA) on Breast Cancer in women under 35 years of age, also for the Hospital Provincial in Castellon on the genome of hereditary breast cancer and for BAFC research (Benefits of Physical Activity in Cancer).

At Latorre, we have been working since 1959 with the enthusiasm and ambition to achieve excellence in the world of decoration. The vest brocades, leathers and silk velvets at the service of demanding craftsmen to satisfy customers on all five continents.

Sustainability, Sustainability
Many people incorporate small gestures in their daily lives that contribute to caring for the planet: using cloth shopping bags, walking to work, turning off lights that are not needed or even buying sustainable furniture.

Acquiring sustainable furniture for our home is becoming a habit for many families who are looking to design a comfortable and luxurious space, but who also want their home to have products that do not harm the ecosystem.

When we buy a piece of furniture manufactured under the concept of sustainability, we not only ensure that it is made from natural materials, but also that it has been decorated and manufactured with paints or varnishes that do not harm the health of those around us.

Sustainable furniture is becoming more and more important in interior design projects. The reasons affect the planet, and we at Latorre tell you what they are.


What is sustainable furniture?

A piece of furniture is sustainable or ecological when it is “manufactured with natural materials and without chemical treatments, which makes it a product that does not harm the environment, the health of those who buy it or those who manufacture it”.

When we talk about sustainable furniture, this refers to the purchase of objects, products and materials that follow certain principles of economic, social and ecological sustainability. Nowadays, many companies focus their efforts on manufacturing their furniture in a sustainable and ecological way, without losing sight of the design and elegance that characterises them.

What does a piece of furniture have to comply with to be sustainable

As consumers, the best way to be sure that a piece of furniture is sustainable is to ask the manufacturer or the craftsman who produces it. However, if we cannot be 100% sure, the best thing to do is to gather as much information as possible about the production cycle of the furniture ourselves.

In order for a piece of furniture to be considered sustainable, it is important that it meets one of the following requirements:

Local and recyclable material

When we say that a material is sustainable and local, we refer to a product that comes from renewable, abundant and local sources. In addition, it consumes little energy and is non-polluting during the product’s life cycle.

At the same time, sustainable furniture also has a percentage of recycled and recyclable materials that are resistant to the passage of time. At Latorre, as manufacturers of wooden furniture, we work and advance on a daily basis to select the best local materials, minimising their environmental impact.

Material certifications

Another indicator of whether a product is made from sustainably produced materials is its certifications.

There are many types of certification depending on the type of wood used, fabrics, plastics or other materials. For example, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certifications, in the case of wood. Or the seals that refer to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards, those that certify that the production is sustainable, as is the case of ISO 14062 or ISO 14001. Both aim to support the implementation of environmental plans in companies.

Sustainable production and packaging

Sustainable packaging and manufacturing processes are two priorities in the world of sustainable furniture. More and more customers are asking industry professionals of environmentally friendly packaging, opting to replace plastics with less harmful solutions.

In turn, from our facilities in Valencia, we use more than a hundred solar panels that produce between 60% and 65% of the energy used every day in the work processes. In this way, we avoid the emission of more than 16,0000 kilograms of CO2 per year.

Furniture life cycle

We understand the life cycle of a product to be the process an item goes through, from the moment it is designed until it is launched on the market. As a luxury furniture manufacturing company, our aim is to offer the market products and pieces with a long-lasting life cycle. In addition, the by-products generated during the manufacture of our furniture are converted into chipboard and multi-ply.

In this way, we will ensure that the handcrafted furniture correctly performs the function for which it was created, with minimum maintenance of the product and in order to minimise its environmental impact. In turn, when its useful life is exhausted, it is recycled into a fuel such as pellets, a granulated biomass fuel elongated from wood, so that the impact of our furniture on the ecosystem is minimal.

How to make sustainable furniture choices

Who said that care for the environment is at odds with luxury and quality? Many professionals and designers of luxury furniture manufacture and create pieces with a high value, either for their finishes, quality, elegance and distinction; but without ceasing to be respectful with the environment and always taking care of the ecosystem.

At Latorre, we are experts in selecting the best local materials while minimising environmental impact, without losing sight of luxury, design and authenticity:

Oboe armchair

With a structure made of beech and chromed steel, the Oboe armchair, designed by Ximo Roca, has chromed steel feet in various finishes. This piece is a clear example of sustainable furniture, as it can incorporate fabrics from our collection.

Why it is increasingly important to choose sustainable furniture for your interior design projects 1

Dante sofa

With a structure made of beech and pine wood, the Dante sofa is designed by Guillermo Torrent. This unique piece, upholstered with high density HR foam padding, rubber straps and springs, is perfect for creating a sustainable design space.

Why it is increasingly important to choose sustainable furniture for your interior design projects 2

Dolomita coffee table

Undoubtedly a piece with a polished steel structure in various finishes, perfect for any home. Made of white Italian marble, the Dolomita coffee table is a clear example of design, quality, sustainability and high standing.

Why it is increasingly important to choose sustainable furniture for your interior design projects 3
At Latorre we are committed to making our pieces sustainable while at the same time comfortable, high quality and functional, without neglecting elegance and emotional design.

If you want to know more about our products and sustainable furniture, do not hesitate to download our online book.

What do you think about this post?

The main component of a piece of furniture, the structure that makes it up, the piece that supports the main design. The raw wood of a sofa that we choose, work, mold and care for is the main component of luxury furniture. A perfect component that frames, determines and shapes the aesthetics of each piece.

There are countless different types of wood from which a sofa can be made, but do we know which are the best in terms of quality and durability?

At Latorre, a solid wood frame sofa manufacturer, we work with totally exclusive and luxurious woods. That is why, in this post we tell you about the types of wood with which our expert craftsmen work and design luxury pieces.


Types of wood for your sofa

Did you know that wood is one of the most widely used materials in the manufacture of furniture? This is due to its beauty, resistance and durability.

There are countless possibilities, all of them different, when we talk about types of wood to choose from our sofas. From more traditional and economical woods, such as pine, to high value furniture woods with which we can design and compose a luxury piece of furniture. All these types of wood have characteristics that make them unique: colour, texture, use, resistance, etc.

We can divide woods into two main groups:
  1. Hardwoods. This is a type of wood that grows on angiosperm trees, trees that have fruits, seeds and flowers. Some types of wood such as oak, chestnut or maple are hardwoods. This type of wood is characterized by its slow growth, which is why it can be expensive.
  2. Softwoods. Banded wood comes from gymnosperm trees, trees without flowers with seeds that grow without the need for a fruit to protect them. These trees account for 80% of furniture wood production, mainly pine and spruce. Unlike hardwood, it grows quickly in tall trees.

What types of wood exist for a luxury sofa?

Although it is true that dozens of plant species are used to make luxury sofas, the following are some of the most important different kinds of wood:


The main characteristic of this type of wood frame sofa is its durability. In addition, this yellowish-coloured wood accepts any kind of tone and finish. There are more than 600 types of oak wood. This wood needs very little maintenance, so it is perfect for both the interior and the exterior of any home. However, it is difficult wood to work with.

Chestnut or walnut

Chestnut or walnut, like oak, is a wood frame sofa that is very resistant to the passage of time. Its chestnut colour gives a darker touch to the wood, which is why it is often used in classic or traditional pieces and compositions.

Unlike oak, chestnut wood is easier to work with. At the same time, it is a type of wood that is difficult to obtain and has a high economic cost. It also requires much more exhaustive maintenance, as it is a wood that is attacked by woodworm, an insect that eats wood.


Sofas made of mahogany have always been associated with a certain economic status. This type of wood is used for ostentatious luxury pieces and furniture.

Furthermore, it is a type of wood that needs very specific care, such as protection from the sun, for example. Sofas made of mahogany wood are expensive but they are extremely elegant pieces.


With a reddish tone, unlike oak or chestnut, cherry wood frame sofa is a very fragile type. Cherry is used in modern furniture because of its straight-lined composition. The main advantage of this type of wood is that it is easy to clean and maintain. On the other hand, it cannot be exposed to the sun for long hours, as this will cause discolouration.

What type of wood to choose for your sofa_ 1


Beech wood is very particular, mainly because its patterns are not lines but dots. Its pink colour, with soft and light tones, makes it the perfect wood base couch for small luxury pieces that do not seek to overload the decoration of a living room.

Beech wood is also characterized by its durability. However, one of its disadvantages is that if it gets wet it can swell. At Latorre, we work with top quality European beech from France.


Finally, pine is a wood frame sofa that is very easy to mould, which is why it is used on countless occasions to make sofas. This type of wood offers a wide variety of colours, which allows us to make furniture in the shades we want.

Its fine and uniform structure, together with the ease with which it can be worked, make it the most widely used wood. At the same time, we can find in the market a great variety of types of pine wood: eastern white, Paraná, contorta, silvestre ir insigne, among others. The latter is the most commonly used at Latorre to manufacture luxury furniture and sofas.

Pine insigne and European beech, woods for a luxury sofa

The insigne pine, also known as radiata pine, is one of the few autochthonous pine species in the Iberian Peninsula. Its physical and mechanical properties make its production of vital importance, and in Spain it is one of the most sought-after species for the use of its wood base couch.

In our collection of luxury sofas, we use pine from nationally sourced timber. In turn, we work with top quality European beech from France. This type of wood that we use in Latorre sofas and furniture only comes from tree species that are not in danger of extinction. In this way, we manage to minimise the environmental impact, while at the same time designing luxury pieces.

Both with pine and beech wood, with which we develop wooden couch designs, it is possible to carry out product traceability. In this way we can know which tree has been used at any given time and for which sofa.

At Latorre, luxury furniture brand, we work and advance every day to select the best local materials, minimising the environmental impact. We work with wood that respects the environment, while in our company we have more than 100 solar panels that make our business model much more sustainable.

If you want to know more about the way we work and the luxury furniture we manufacture, do not hesitate to visit us!

The concept of “in-house manufacturing” refers to any supplier who manufactures their furniture entirely within the company and whose functions or responsibilities revolve around the creation, design and manufacture of each piece of furniture. Unlike others, this work process often requires, on certain occasions, greater depth and more holistic vision on the part of the supplier.

Purchasing furniture from suppliers with in-house manufacturing is a very effective solution to the various strategic challenges of any architect, interior designer or company.

In this post by Latorre, as a benchmark company on the national scene that assumes its entire production process, we will show you the advantages of buying furniture from suppliers with in-house manufacturing. Keep reading to make sure you do not miss a thing!


Everything you need to know about in-house manufacturing

We understand in-house manufacturers to be all those professionals and companies that cover the complete manufacturing process of a product. This development includes from the initial design, the choice of materials, the manufacture of the pieces of furniture step by step, its assembly and construction, to its subsequent assembly and transport.

Thanks to the fact that a distributor covers the entire manufacturing process of a piece, products can be created, personalised and designed, always taking care of the smallest detail. At the same time, during the in-house manufacturing process, the consumer can decide which materials, textures or shades best match the interior design ambience of a room or home.

4 benefits of buying furniture with in-house manufacturing

More and more companies highlight as one of their strengths their in-house manufacturing, where they take on the entire furniture manufacturing process, from the design to the final assembly of each piece. Likewise, these in-house suppliers select the best local materials, with the objective of minimising the impact on the environment.

These are some of the advantages of choosing furniture from manufacturers who take care of the entire manufacturing process:

Greater personalisation of furniture

It is important to bear in mind that, when ordering a piece of furniture from a supplier with these characteristics, this will allow us to select in the smallest detail all the materials with which it is made, measurements, textures and colours of the upholstery.

Thanks to this option, we will be more satisfied with the final result, as the furniture will become unique and exclusive pieces. All of this will give us the satisfaction and pride of having participated in a totally exclusive process and through which our house will not be comparable to any other.

Shorter delivery times

For furniture suppliers, achieving on-time delivery of the product in optimal conditions is the perfect way to close a deal. However, achieving this is not always an easy task, as it sometimes requires rigorous planning and organisation.

In-house furniture manufacturers are known for their ability to meet product delivery deadlines, as they tend to plan the creation, design and manufacture of furniture in detail. At the same time, many companies often have technologies that allow them to improve their internal delivery processes, which can give them a competitive advantage.

Advantages of buying furniture from suppliers with in-house manufacturing 1

Quality and local materials guaranteed

By purchasing furniture directly from suppliers with in-house manufacturing, we also ensure that the product is of high quality. Sometimes it may seem like a good idea to buy furniture at a cheaper price and with a simple design. But are we really buying quality pieces?

As clients, we have to consider that cheap is often expensive and that, when we need to make a major investment in furniture, we have to be sure that we will not regret it in the long run.

This does not mean that we only have to look at the price of a piece of furniture: it is important to analyse and examine the materials the parts are made of, the type of workmanship and whether the supplier has a repair service after a purchase, for example.

Much more humane and closer treatment

As customers we cannot base the purchase of a piece of furniture on whether it has a high or low price: this is a mistake. There are other factors that can sometimes influence us more than price when buying in-house furniture. One of these reasons is the ways the supplier deals with the customer.

It is not the same to buy a piece of furniture from a manufacturer who does not take any care with the customer and who does not meet delivery deadlines, as it is to buy a product from a qualified professional who takes care of each piece as if there were no other. Moreover, good furniture professionals usually have a design and manufacturing workshop, which we can visit to see how the process is carried out.

Latorre, experts in manufacturing furniture in-house

From our philosophy we are committed to emotional design, glamour and authenticity in each of our creations. Always extracting the essence of the classic, but without losing sigh of the complete manufacturing process and the personalisation of each of our pieces.

One of the main characteristics of Latorre’s luxury furniture is that each piece is unique and unrepeatable, as its manufacturing process is 100% individual and close, always taking care of the smallest detail to obtain the best result. This also results in a more sustainable furniture.

Advantages of buying furniture from suppliers with in-house manufacturing 2
The structure of Latorre luxury sofas is forged in beech and pine wood, an element that undoubtedly provides a certain guarantee of the traceability of the wood used in the final product, always respecting the environment. These are the best types of wood for luxury furniture.

In addition, at our industrial plant in Valencia we have installed 103 solar panels that produce between 60% and 65% of the energy used every day in our work processes. Thanks to this, we avoid the annual emission of more than 16,000 kilograms of CO2.

At Latorre, as a luxury furniture manufacturer, we will continue to be committed to in-house manufacturing for each of our pieces. If you want to know more about our products do not hesitate to access our website or download our online catalogue.

Luxury furniture
A reference for customers looking to create a different, special atmosphere that stands out from the rest, as well as being unique and totally personalized pieces for their homes. Modern, luxury custom-made furniture has become a must in the most sumptuous rooms.

When we opt for more personal, handmade products and sometimes, handcrafted pieces, we are tipping the balance and creating spaces with a renewed and tailor-made atmosphere.

Nowadays, many homes have very similar furniture: sofas with very similar upholstery, walls in the same colour, armchairs in similar shades, etc. Breaking with the established is in fashion, as more and more companies are opting for personalized and customised luxury furniture. This is our case.

From Latorre, experts in creating and designing furniture pieces for luxury dining rooms or luxury living rooms, always extracting the essence of the classic, we tell you how you can order your bespoke luxury furniture and customize it with our fabrics, sizes and finishes. Read on so you do not miss a thing.


Personalize a piece of luxury furniture

Understanding the customer, providing a personal touch and offering the perfect made-to-measure piece of furniture. Exclusivity and glamour predominate in every piece of luxury custom made furniture that is designed, manufactured and personalized.

Each piece that the professional craftsmen, highly qualified in interior custom design furniture and decoration, make to measure in a workshop, is a specific piece of work in which the smallest detail is taken care of. In it, the workers put all their efforts and focus their objectives on satisfying the needs that the client has requested. As professionals in the sector, we must bear in mind that the end user has an idea in his head, that in order to carry it out he has decided to bet on our work and that we must give shape to that idea and make it a reality. Undoubtedly, a job only suitable for professional designers.

Ideas for customising luxury furniture

Within the luxury furniture sector, the process of customisation of high-end furniture is becoming more and more visible and reflected. But, do we really know what is furniture customisation?

We understand customisation as a renovation or personalisation of the design of a piece of furniture according to personal preferences. Moreover, thanks to the customisation of luxury furniture, we are giving a prolonged use to these pieces, as well as a totally personalized appearance.

Before starting and deciding to personalize a piece of furniture, we must first have some clear ideas:

Know how much space we have

Before choosing the type of luxury custom made furniture we want to acquire for a room, the first thing we must know is the space we are going to have to place the sofa, armchair, bed, etc. Do we have enough space to incorporate a large piece, or should we ask for very specific measurements, as we do not have enough space?

Choose the textures and colours

Before choosing the type of luxury furniture we want to acquire for a room, the first thing we must know is the space we are going to have to place luxury sofas, the armchair or the luxury bed. Do we have enough space to incorporate a piece of large dimensions, or should we ask for very specific measurements, since we do not have enough space?

Create exclusive, unique and glamorous pieces

We must bear in mind that the piece of furniture we custom design furniture will be unique and exclusive, as there will be no other like it. Therefore, at Latorre we advise you to choose correctly and carefully all the finishes and features to create an exceptional piece.

Latorre, personalized luxury furniture

At Latorre we want to help you create a completely personal home in accordance with your style, budget and way of life. That is why, below, we show you some of our most characteristic products of high decoration furniture:

Chukka sofa

This luxury piece designed by Rolf Zimmermann is perfect if we want to incorporate a sofa with various sizes in a room in our home. The Chukka sofa has a structure made of beech and pine wood. It also has a sofa upholstery filled with high density HR foam rubber, rubber straps and springs. This type of high-end sofas are perfect for any room.

Custom-made luxury furniture- how to personalize it 1

Mayfair armchair

Our designer Guillermo Torrent creates this piece with unique and exclusive finishes. The Mayfair armchair is covered with fabrics or leathers from the Latorre collection. Optionally, it can be designed with our clients’ materials, as well as with special measurements after a study by Latorre’s design department, for example, if it is furniture for hotels.
Custom-made luxury furniture- how to personalize it 2

Low Angie chair

Also designed by Guillermo Torrent, the Low Angie chair is upholstered with high-density HR foam padding, rubber straps and springs. In addition to having a structure made from beech and pine wood, this piece is available in different shades, finishes and textures.

Custom-made luxury furniture- how to personalize it 3
Now that you know how to personalize luxury furniture, at Latorre, as a luxury furniture brand from Valencia, we give you the possibility of choosing pieces with which you can modify the size, choose the fabric and the colour of the lacquer in the highest quality luxury furniture. In our design department we will study your modifications and make an estimate adapted to your needs so that your dreams come true. We have in house manufacturing so we take care of all the process of your furniture.

If you want to know more about our luxury and sustainable furniture and get more information, dive into our luxury furniture catalogue.

The hospitality sector is a very important business, and each element that makes up its structure is unique and irreplaceable. By carefully and elegantly decorating the space, together with luxury hospitality furniture that attracts customers, we can distinguish our space from the competition and thus define our own style.

When we go to a restaurant or hospitality establishment, we want our first impression to be one of comfort, luxury and satisfaction. Furthermore, if an establishment has good quality, well-kept tables, chairs, stools or luxury sofas, it will always give us a first impression that we are in a pleasant space where even the smallest detail is important.

In this post by Latorre, expert manufacturers of luxury furniture, we give you the fundamental keys to know how to choose the right luxury hotel furniture and catering furniture. Keep reading to make sure you don’t miss a thing!


Luxury furniture for the hospitality industry

When we think of a restaurant, pub or catering establishment, we may think that it is more important to invest time and money in catering equipment, rather than giving importance to the decoration or furniture for the restaurant. However, in the same way that we can treat the appliances or utensils in a kitchen, the image we give to the outside of our business is as important as the quality of the product or the attention we offer to our customers.

Both the catering furniture and the accessories we choose for our business are essential pieces. These will help us to personalize our space, transmitting quality, distinction and glamour to our clients. For this reason, it is also important to define the style we are going to show to our public, the tables or chairs we are going to need and the space to be designed.

6 keys to choosing luxury furniture for the hospitality industry

Armchairs, tables, luxury stools, modular sofas, Chaise Longue, stools… All these pieces of furniture are perfect for decorating a hospitality establishment, always with the aim of offering an unforgettable experience to our customers.

Here, at Latorre, we give you some of the most interesting keys to choosing the right luxury furniture for the hotel and catering industry:

Define your style

One of the most important keys. When we have to choose for the first time the luxury pieces that are going to form part of our establishment, the first thing we must take into account is to define the style we are going to want: a Nordic style, with natural wood furniture and light tones; a minimalist atmosphere, with simple, everyday pieces or elements; os a classic style, with a discreet decoration, with elegant pieces and attention to the smallest detail, for example. If we want to retain our customers and also attract new ones, one of the keys is for them to be able to identify our establishment with its own style and character.

Materials and cleanliness matter

Restaurant and hospitality furniture must be able to withstand heavy use and, at times, a bit of neglect. This is why luxury furniture must withstand the constant passage of customers, but without losing sight of its functionality and aesthetic character.

Moreover, these designer pieces cannot be cleaned in any way, but we must be very careful with them so as not to damage the furniture, as this type of luxury catering equipment is always exposed to any type of accident.

Choose comfortable luxury furniture for the hospitality industry

It is essential to opt for attractive chairs, with sinuous shapes that attract the attention of our customers. However, it is not only the design of the furniture that is important, but also whether it is really comfortable and convenient. Although it is true that modern designs attract the customer’s attention, when someone tries our furniture, if they find it uncomfortable, they will not come back to our establishment.

Play with upholstery

The upholstery of the chairs does not always have to be the same on all of them. What’s more, you can play with different designs and textures to attract attention. At Latorre we design our luxury furniture with upholstery filled with high density HR foam rubber, rubber straps and springs, always taking care of the quality of the fabric.

Correctly chosen upholstery can help us to create an ostentatious ambience and convey a sense of elegance to our customers through the feel of the furniture.

Spare no expense

In addition to the fact that restaurant furniture must be eye-catching, but also resistant, the decoration of an establishment must have quality pieces. For this reason, it is better to allocate more of our budget to restaurant furniture, as it will last longer and we will make better use of its useful life.

Buy what you will use

When we have to set up a space with luxury furniture, it is not about accumulating and filling the space by overloading it. It is important to bear in mind that it is best to buy the necessary chairs, tables or sofas to start with. And that, as time goes by, more pieces and decorative touches will be added over time.

The imagination, good taste, simplicity and elegance that you are looking for in your establishment should also be reflected in the luxury hotel and catering furniture. For this reason, at Latorre, as a luxury furniture brand based in Valencia, we give you the possibility of accessing our luxury furniture catalogue, where you can find designer pieces to decorate your establishment. Discover also our ideas for a luxurious dining room and the advantages of in house manufacturing.

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Emotional design

Elegance, distinction, sumptuousness, balance and harmony. These are some of the attributes that come to mind when we think of a luxury sofa. But we should not only be guided by whether a sofa fits in a room in our home or not. It is also very important to know if we are looking at pieces that are comfortable and cozy sofas enough to accommodate family or friends, for example.

From Latorre, luxury furniture manufacturers, we give you these tips or ideas of cozy sofas to make it more comfortable. Keep reading to find out more!


What makes a couch comfortable

It is often the details that set the mood and dictate the feel of a space.

We come home after a long day at work, looking forward to lying down in our elegant living room to read a book or simply relax after a busy day. The coffee table and the lighting are in harmony with our sofa and the armchair, situated in front of the window through which a warm, soft light enters. We arrive at our destination: the sofa. But, as we settle into it, we realize that it is not as comfortable as we had hoped. And what could have been a quiet and peaceful time becomes a completely different moment.

Cozy sofas help to create and compose a natural and simple space, as this type of product has been designed with your comfort in mind, but without neglecting a certain touch of elegance and distinction.

4 tips to make your sofa more cozy couch

In a living room, the sofa is a fundamental element. Its choice is decisive, as it is the main piece and the one that should invite guests to relax. It is essential that, when deciding which sofa to choose, we are guided by the main features of upholstery and comfort.

Here are some top tips on how to choose a cozy sofa and how to make comfy couch:

Feel and texture of materials

The materials and texture of the fabrics are our secret weapon. Opting for pieces with velvet, linen or cotton textures will allow us to compose an elegant and shiny surface. Also the different kinds of wood we manufacture our furniture.

By incorporating products that are warm to the touch and that attract attention due to their complexity, both ourselves and our guests will begin to take an interest and feel intrigued by the room they are in. In turn, this will give us new sensations and envelop us in a totally cozy couch and classy atmosphere.

cozy sofas

Sofas with rounded shapes

For a sofa to be a comfortable cozy couch it needs soft, curved shapes to give a sense of calm and comfort. A piece with straight lines and hard edges tends to give a feeling of rigidity and hardness. In addition, we always have to sit with an upright and serious posture.

Round shapes encourage a more relaxed atmosphere, thus allowing our luxury living room to be more carefree and relaxed. When we are in a room like this, we want to have the feeling that the furniture is almost embracing us, so that we can curl up and get comfortable on our sofa.

Use decorative elements

Elements such as cushions are the perfect complement for a unique decoration, mainly on sofas, armchairs or Chaise Longues, for example. Cushions are a very important accessory if we want to create a cozy atmosphere in our living room with personality.

To do this, at Latorre, we advise you to opt for luxury cushions of different sizes, colours, prints and textures. Depending on the time of year we are in, we can alternate different covers, choosing darker and warmer fabrics during the winter, and softer and more colourful covers for the summer.

cozy sofas

Choose sofas in different shades

White sofas with light tones tend to give a feeling of brightness during the day, but can give the impression that we are in a cold and rigid space at nightfall. Therefore, we encourage you to incorporate earth tones in your luxury sofas, in order to give a touch of warmth. This will make the space you are in feel natural and cozy at the same time.

You can also opt for darker tones such as brown or blues. These colours will give your sofa and living room a sense of balance, harmony and class. You can also combine these colours with earth tones or even more striking shades such as oranges, purples or pinks, among others.

At Latorre, a family business and luxury furniture boutique, we work to create cute sofa designs and new products so that our end customers can make them a way of communicating with their environment, such as with their cars or their clothes. In addition, with us you have the opportunity to choose your own luxury custom-made furniture.

If you want to know more about our products and luxury furniture, do not hesitate to download our new online catalogue.


Quality finishes, the nobility of the materials, the know-how of professional craftsmen, these are some of the properties that make high quality luxury furniture unique.


The sumptuousness, richness and distinction of the manufacturing process show off the nobility of the materials with which a high-class product has been manufactured. Undoubtedly, luxury furniture differs from other furniture at first glance by its elegance, its finishes, its shades or its compositions, for example.


Acquiring high quality luxury furniture is a considerable and valuable investment. Therefore, from Latorre, luxury furniture brand, we tell you the keys that will help you choose a high quality furniture online.


Quality of luxury furniture

Luxury furniture stands out from the rest of the market for its elegance, great value and quality. One of the main peculiarities of luxury furniture is that no two are alike, since each one has a completely different design, creation, manufacturing and production process. In addition, always following the specifications, indications and tastes of the client.

However, this is not possible without the help and knowledge of a team of highly qualified professionals who know first hand the work, the materials and the various compositions. They will be in charge of working the furniture, assembling its structure, incorporating the fabrics and accessories.


Undoubtedly, any sofa, armchair, chaise longue, table or chair that deserves the title of ‘High Quality Furniture’, must be accompanied by a functional design without losing sight of luxury.

3 main characteristics of luxury furniture

Luxury furniture is characterized by being unique, elegant pieces of great value and incalculable beauty. It is increasingly common to see imitations of products that can damage the image and spoil the efforts of large companies and professionals in the sector, who strive to create high quality products. But how is it possible to recognize a luxury piece of furniture from a non-luxury one?


Here are some qualities that can help us identify quality furniture:

Quality of furniture and materials

The first thing we must take into account when checking if we are in front of a luxury furniture is the quality of the materials and raw materials with which it has been manufactured. Materials that must guarantee the exclusivity and glamour of the furniture, without forgetting its stability and solidity over time.

The materials of which a luxury furniture is composed must be easy to clean, maintain and care for. Therefore, the upholstery of each piece must be thick enough to withstand the pressure and weight when we sit on it. In addition, the foam padding with which the furniture is upholstered should be of high density and include rubber straps and springs.


Quality of fabrics and finishes

With a first glance we can know if we are in front of a luxury piece of furniture. Thanks to its finishes, textures and materials we will know if it is really a unique and incomparable piece.

Luxury, design, emotion, authenticity, are some of the keys that we can extract when we find a piece of furniture with unique fabrics and finishes. Undoubtedly, luxury furniture manufacturers bet on fabrics and textures that bring a touch of distinction to our home, as they take care of every detail to the maximum to always get the best result for the customer.


Sustainability during the manufacturing process

More and more designers, interior designers and customers are looking for sustainable furniture in order to reduce the environmental impact. However, this concept is not embraced by all furniture manufacturers.


As a luxury furniture brand, at Latorre we are committed to local materials. That is why we select the best materials, manufacturing each of our pieces from scratch using processes that have a minimum impact on nature. From our company we promote social and sustainable values, always taking care of the smallest detail. For all this, we promote emotional design in each of our products.


In addition, in our industrial plant, located in Valencia, we have installed more than 100 solar panels, with the aim of producing around 65% of the energy we use every day in our work processes.


Luxury pieces perfect for the home


In Latorre we manufacture a wide range of design and luxury furniture in which quality, elegance and comfort are fundamental aspects in our philosophy of creation.


Below, we show you some of our pieces that we make with high quality materials:

Five Stars Sofa

Designed by Guillermo Torrent, the Five Stars sofa has a structure made of beech and pine wood, the best types of wood for luxurious sofas. At the same time, it is composed of an upholstery with high density HR foam rubber fillings, rubber straps and springs that make this a unique and designer piece.

five star sofa high quality luxury furniture

Oboe armchair

Designer Ximo Roca has created, manufactured and designed this piece perfect for any luxury lounge. The Oboe armchair is upholstered with high-density HR polyurethane foam padding, rubber straps and springs. At the same time, it has steel feet with several finish options.

quality home furniture

Four Seasons Sofa

This piece, designed entirely by Guillermo Torrent, is covered with fabrics or leathers from Latorre’s own collection, and optionally customers can choose the materials. In addition, the Four Seasons sofa can be designed with special measurements of the furniture, always after study of the Department of design, quality and production of the company.


The furniture manufactured by Latorre is elegant, stylish and high quality. In short, furniture that manages to convey class, warmth and distinction. In addition, we have in-house manufacturing, taking care of the entire process.

If you want to know more about our products or some luxury living room ideas, please visit our luxury furniture catalog, or contact us, we will be happy to help you!

Luxury furniture, Luxury furniture

A place to share moments, conversations and laughter with family and friends: luxury dining rooms are the perfect space in which to create an atmosphere conducive to calm, entertainment and hospitality.

There are many compositions that can be created and designed for a luxurious dining room: cold or austere furniture, sober or overloaded decorations, different colors or textures, furniture and accessories of great quality…

When we receive guests in our home, we are always concerned that our guests lack nothing, that they feel at home and that the image of any luxurious room and dining room is as impeccable as possible.

But what is the most important thing when choosing luxury dining rooms? In this post by Latorre, as a luxury furniture brand, we give you the keys that will help you know how to correctly choose the luxury dining rooms that best suit your project.


Why choose luxury dining rooms

A space where we can enjoy a good meal with our loved ones and closest people immersed in a luxurious atmosphere, this is how we could define this concept.

A dining room with well cared for furniture and perfectly chosen decoration can become a space where you can spend most of your time and enjoy the best possible company. If we opt for high quality pieces with a touch of glamour, we will feel in a space in perfect harmony, harmony and conformity.

The objective of elegant luxury dining rooms is none other than to bring to the room a warm character, but without leaving aside the simplicity and personality of the sophisticated. In other words, that diners who come to our luxury dining room feel at home.

5 keys to an elegant luxury dining room

Having an elegant dining room means that we can have a room that, at first glance, has a lot of style and class.

To achieve an elegant and sophisticated touch to our luxury dining room, we have to adapt some simple but essential ideas to create an environment with style and character.

Dining room space in proportion to the furniture

Depending on the size of our room, the pieces we incorporate should have a volume according to this space. For example, if we have a small dining room, we can add a table that can be extended to leave free space around it. On the other hand, if the room is larger, then we can choose a large table, which occupies more space, with more voluminous chairs.

The perfect materials for a luxurious dining room

To create a relaxed, warm atmosphere that encourages conversation, it is important that we opt for warm and noble colors and textures such as wood, beech or dark brown or gray colors, for example.

The central table matters

The main element of an elegant dining room. The central luxury table should not only be aesthetically beautiful, but also functional and comfortable for our guests. In addition, depending on the shape of the room, it is more appropriate to choose one form of table or another. For example: if our dining room is elongated, we opt for a rectangular or oval table; on the other hand, if the dining room has a more square shape, we will choose a square or round piece.

The design of the chairs, in keeping with the table

It is useless to take care of the aesthetics and finish of the center table, if we do not take into account the luxury dining chairs we should choose. These must maintain the concordance of colors, materials and finishes of the table we have chosen. In this way, we will create a composition in harmony and concordance.

Accessories and lamps

In addition to the furniture, another key to a good luxury dining room is the lighting. A central luxury lamp that illuminates, but does not dazzle, is perfect for a dining room. For this reason it is important to opt for hanging lamps and warm light.

Latorre, designer dining room furniture

Nowadays, there are many possibilities that can help us to be inspired or to define an elegant and elegant style for our dining room, applying sumptuous colors and designs that will attract the attention of our guests.

In Latorre we design and create furniture always taking care of the smallest detail, with the aim of adding to our modern luxury dining rooms a careful aesthetic and an elegant and cozy spirit. Here are some luxury dining rooms ideas:

Goldeneye table

María José Gimeno designs this dining table, with a DM wood structure and finished in various colors. The Goldeneye table allows a design with various measures, perfect depending on the space we have. This piece is perfect for a spacious dining room with lots of natural light.

goldeneye luxury table for luxury dining rooms

Nigthgale chair

With a beech and pine structure, the designer Carlos Mayoral, has created this unique and perfect piece for any luxurious dining room. The Nigthgale chair, upholstered in high density HR polyurethane foam rubber, is covered with fabrics or leathers from our collection. In turn, this chair features hand-placed studs one by one.

luxury dining rooms

Hearthrow table

With an MDF and beech wood structure, the Hearthrow table, also designed by María José Gimeno, is available in several colors. In turn, the furniture is sheathed with fabrics or leathers from the Latorre collection, making it a unique piece to be the centerpiece of an elegant luxury dining room.

comedores de lujo/luxury dining rooms 
In Latorre, as expert designers of luxury furniture since 1959, we encourage you to know all the pieces and compositions available on our website, as well as giving you the possibility to choose custom-made furniture. Also we give you some luxury living room ideas.

All our collections of luxury sofas and luxury furniture reflect the art and beauty of our first creations. In addition, in our furniture designers section, you can discover all the professionals we work with.

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You are thinking about designing a room in a home, but you don’t know which sofa to choose? Have you decided what type of sofa you are most interested in for the room you are designing? Have you thought about choosing a modular sofa? If so, then you are in the right place. This type of sofa is characterised by being a very functional product for any home.

On certain occasions, our priority is to improve the comfort of our living room in order to make it easier to move from one place to another. However, this can be a disadvantage if the sofa takes up a lot of space in our living room. But how can we solve this, without losing sight of an attractive and elegant design? Well, the modular sofa is the perfect piece for these situations.

At Latorre we have a wide range of luxurious sectional sofas, which have many advantages and benefits thanks to their features. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading!


What is a modular sofa

A modular sofa or modular couch is a type of cozy sofa that is designed and manufactured with several adjacent modules that can form different compositions depending on their different sizes and shapes.

The sofa is the quintessential piece of furniture that is present in any room of any home. We can say that modern modular seating sofas are a perfect composition for small rooms, as they add seating for different guests and are also stylish.

The modules that make up these pieces are usually of various shapes or sizes, creating a personalised and versatile piece. Thanks to the modular sofa, we can design our living room according to our tastes and needs. Some of the characteristics of modular sofas are:
  1. Mobility. As its name suggests, the modular sofa consists of several pieces that can be separated and placed in a flexible way, adapting to any space. Each guest can change the distribution of the space as and how many times as they wish, thus innovating and creating new compositions with each piece.
  2. Personalization of space. Each modular seating sofa can provide a different atmosphere to each room. In addition, there is also the possibility of incorporating fabrics, blankets, rugs or cushions that add a different touch to each composition that we design with our modular sofa.
  3. Creating new spaces. Another feature of modular designer sofas is that they allow you to create completely different spaces depending on each guest. For example, we can divide the living room into areas to take a nap, watch TV with the family or even as a reading area.

5 advantages of a modular sofa

Modern modular sofas are perfect pieces to place in small spaces, thus creating a very functional atmosphere. Having a quality high end couch, exclusive and at the same time adaptable to every moment of our daily life in the living room, is a great advantage.

Are you thinking of adding a modular couch to a room? If so, the following advantages will help you make your decision:

Distribution and outreach

The modular design sofas allow us to expand the space of our living room at any time, the only thing we have to do is to add or remove modules to carry out the perfect composition.

In addition, depending on the circumstances, it may happen that we need more space in the living room, either for a meeting with friends or because we want to change the atmosphere, for example. Therefore, the great advantage of the modular couch is its functionality and distribution, as it allows us to divide the spaces and the furniture in a simple way, always taking advantage of the space we have.

Style and character

Modular sofas have always been linked to a contemporary and more modern style. However, at Latorre we are committed to designing and manufacturing different compositions of modules, which can be added and adapted to any style of luxury living room decoration.


The feeling of calm, relaxation and comfort when we sit on our sofa after a day of intense work is inexplicable. Resting, reading or sleeping are some of the many activities that modular couches allow us to do. Moreover, the modules of this furniture are conceived and designed for a pleasant and comfortable rest.

Incorporating accessories

In addition to the modules of this type of sofa, there is also the possibility of incorporating accessories with the same fabrics, colours and textures to these new pieces. In this case, poufs, armchairs and stools are perfect, as they will allow us to have more seats for our guests.

Latorre, a safe bet on the modular sofa

Some of the pieces in our catalogue that can help you create the perfect environment for relaxation and entertainment, without losing sight of luxury, include:

Bond modular sofa

Designed by Guillermo Torrent, the Bond modular sofa has a structure made of beech and pine wood, the best types of wood for luxury furniture. At the same time, this piece of furniture has studs placed by hand one by one. Undoubtedly, the Bond sofa is the perfect piece to incorporate a modular product in a classic and avant-grade environment.
Why choose a modular sofa for your living room 1

Chukka modular sofa

The designer Rolf Zimmermann manufactured and created this upholstered piece with high density HR foam padding, rubber webbing and furniture. Just like the Bond sofa, the Chukka modular sofa is suitable for a classic and design environment, as its compositions allow it to create a perfect atmosphere of elegance and distinction.
Why choose a modular sofa for your living room 2

Grand National modular couch

This piece, designed in various finishes and textures by the Latorre design department, is perfect for any space with limited dimensions, but which at the same time needs that touch of elegance and comfort. The Grand National modular sofa, which has a structure made of beech and pine wood, is perfect for storing books or other accessories, as it has a drawer in the rear area.
Why choose a modular sofa for your living room 3
Now that you know the advantages of modern modular seating sofas, that Latorre we have a wide range of products manufactured and designed by a great team of professionals who develop the work from start to finish, always according to the preferences of each client. In addition, we give you the possibility of choosing custom-made furniture.

We are experts in creating comfortable, quality furniture with the latest technology and fully functional, always in the most elegant way possible. Access our product catalogue so you do not miss out on the latest innovations in interior design.