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Mayfair modular

Mayfair modular. Hotel Saint Roch, Courchevel

Mayfair modular

Flofà sofa & Vendôme sofa. Loggere Wilpower, Graveland

Flofà sofa

Flofà easychair

Ascot modular

Ascot detail

Bond modular collection, Ainsley coffee table & Lady carpet

Charles sofa

Dante sofa

Delanois armchair

Concorde coffee table, Prince bookcase & Lady carpet

Buckinham chair

Protocolo dinning table, Liberty chair & Venice lighting

Nightingale chair, Heathrow dinning table & Lady carpet

Lauren bed, Mármore side tables & Vencie lamp, Gentleman carpet

Charles modular & Chelsea Coffee Tables. El Mercader de Indias, Valencia

Charles modular. Suite Hotel Saint Roch, Courchevel

Diva Double Chaise-longue

Vendôme sofa, Flofà sofa & Caronte stools. Loggere Wilpower, Graveland

Flofà easychair

Guillermo Torrent

Art Director

Guillermo was born in 1965 in Valencia.


He quickly integrated into the company in 1984 where, like his father before him, he has conquered new markets since his arrival in the family business.


His passion for aesthetic is the one motivator at work. This is why he is able to design for both LATORRE and PAU, while at the same time managing their Art Direction. He is fluent in art and the latest trends, particularly in fashion. This is why he is able to seamlessly integrate sophistication and elegance into the inspiration for our luxury designs.


With an industry experience of almost 30 years, Guillermo is our Art Director. He develops image campaigns, overseeing the entire creative process - from creation of prototypes to photo shoots, from graphic design to the choice of fabrics and textures, as well as the development of our stands and exhibits.


He designs for PAU, as well as the majority of the top LATORRE collection.

Kiko Torrent

Financial Director

Kiko was born in 1968 in Valencia.


In 1991 he earned his degree in economics, followed by a masters in financial management in 1993. From that point he worked as an auditor for Bancaja, as well as teaching math and accounting at the Universidad de Turismo.


His conciliatory and familiar character also quite energetic and pragmatic led him to actively participate in the financial management of the company, dedicating himself to its financial and administrative direction.


Today, he is a member of the Governing Board of the National Association of Exporters of furniture, as well as a part of the Standing Committee of the Valencian Association of Furniture working closely with those in the industry, where he has helped place our national furniture on the map.

Pau Torrent

Quality and Production Director

Pau was born in 1974 in Valencia.


He joined the company in 1996, a few years after working and finishing his studies in engineering and information systems. 


He loves history and artistic creation in all its forms and expressions, a contrast to his methodical profile.


His meticulous nature and organization make him continually change the business in all areas with the latest advances in quality assessment, environmental management systems, inventory management and production.


Today he is the quality manager of the company, also managing the production and development department, also working with the design department. He participates and advises on the creation and design of a wide range of products for the company.


Guillem Torrent

Sales Director

Guillem was born in 1984, the baby of the family and belongs to the third generation of the company.


While earning his Bachelor of Commerce and marketing he  helped  out in the company,  joining gradually and attending shows, handling commercial work. He joined permanently in 2005 to address the domestic market and has subsequently absorbed other markets, due to the company’s high demand.


His innate disposition for order allows him to control his department as Commercial Director, while also working with quality management and media. He continuously brings innovative improvements to the company, no doubt the result of cultural enrichment from his travels around the world.

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Each of our pieces is individually made, pampered by expert artisans in every finishing detail, leaving a part of their own imprint behind. In this way, each piece is unique, unrepeatable and timeless representing the elegance of those who choose us. A unique piece of furniture with our seal, the hallmark of LATORRE.


Each piece brings a world of details showcasing the value of true craftmaship only available to those who understand our home as something unique and our lives as a path to be filled with beautiful things.


By the LATORRE customization program, each client can configure any of our models with a name or initials, or any text desired representing the character and individuality of its owner.

LATORRE at iSaloni WorldWide Milan 2014

LATORRE will show his new collections and creations during the next Fair iSaloni WorldWide Milan 2014

With a big delusion, LATORRE will go again to the Fair iSaloni WorldWide Milan 2014 to show his new proposals, from 8th to 13th April 2014.


We will be pleased to attend you in our Stand. We hope you will enjoy of "The material that dreams are made of". 




LATORRE & Pau. at Hábitat Valencia 2014

LATORRE & Pau. will show their new collections and creations at Hábitat Valencia 2014

With a big delusion, LATORRE will go again to the Fair Hábitat Valencia 2014. LATORRE & Pau. will show their new proposals from 11st to 14th February 2014.


We will bepleased to attend you in our Stand. We hope you will enjoy of "The material that dreams are made of". 



Latorre bets for the sport

Pedro Pons-Morente, three times champion of Comunidad Valenciana, last winner of the Federation league, is our new rider

Latorre still bets for the elite sport, now with the valencian rider Pedro Pons-Morente, equestrian technical Level III whose students have won championships in Spain, and we are sure that he will still be growing his own successes in the obstacle jumping sport with our winged horse.


LATORRE wish you all a Merry Christmas!

We really would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year: clients, collaborators, providers, workers, friends and family.


We hope you will enjoy these special dates with the ones you love.



Ascensión Latorre

LATORRE Company Owner

LATORRE at iSaloni WorldWide Moscow 2013

LATORRE presented his new collections and creations in the Fair iSaloni WorldWide Moscow 2013

With a big delusion, LATORRE went again to the Fair iSaloni WorldWide Moscow 2013 to show her last news to the russian market.

We all were pleased to attend you in our Stand. We hope you could enjoy of "The material that dreams are made of". 

LATORRE in Decorex London 2013

LATORRE presented his new collections and creations in the Fair Decorex London 2013

With a big delusion, LATORRE went again to the Fair Decorex London Salon 2013 to show her last news to the english market, with The Luxe Agency.

We all were pleased to attend you in our Stand. We hope you could enjoy of "The material that dreams are made of". 

Ascensión Latorre


Latorre takes part on XV S.M. La Reina Trophy

On board the Strategos

The RCN Valencia´s  waters  hosted one of nautical events most important in the country, XV Trofeo SM la Reina. LATORRE participated aboard the Strategos.


The Strategos sailing team won the second position in this competition, in an exciting race from the beggining to the end. We give our congratulations to Kiko Torrent Latorre (skipper), Pau Torrent Latorre (tactician) y Francisco Goig (trimmer).

National Jumping B C.Valenciana contest 2013

LATORRE participated with Jose Ignacio Jimenez Rico riding Lamborghini

Jose Ignacio Jimenez Rico participated again in the National Jumping B Contest in 1'40 high, riding Lamborghini.

LATORRE's Pegasus had the pleasure to go again with this brilliant rider and his horse Lamborghini.

II Doctor Luis Senis Trophy, Cruises Autonomic Championship

Latorre went again to this contest with the Strategos Tripulation

During last warm June, LATORRE participed in the II Doctor Luis Senis Trophy, Cruises Autonomic Championship around the Valencian coasts.


We give again our congratulations to the Strategos team because their efforts and dedication to this sailing sport.

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